Welcome, resistance is futile!

Welcome.  After many years of resisting, Four Thirds Creative now has a blog.  What should one expect from the Four Thirds Creative blog?  Well, even though we here at Four Thirds Creative are highly accomplished and recognized for our high quality video services, we also like sharing great ideas.  So, the Four Thirds Creative team will be using our blog to highlight concepts that are relevant, engaging, and super-fantastic.  And we will definitely not be just using this as a tool to increase how well the Four Thirds Creative website comes up when people search for video production on Google. We know that our readers are already aware of Four Thirds Creative and all the exceptional services we offer our clients, such as distinctive creative writing, skillful video production, and experienced editing and motion graphics.

Thank you for reading this first blog post of Four Thirds Creative, your favorite full-service, video production company, serving the Dallas, Fort Worth area and beyond.

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