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One of the perks at Four Thirds is meeting a lot of amazing people.  We could name drop.  Some you might recognize but most you wouldn’t.  Let me introduce you to someone you should know, if you don’t already, J.T. Cope.  J.T. is a very unassuming guy and the politest person you will ever meet.  If you run across him, prepare yourself to be called ma’am or sir, no matter what your age.  These characteristics alone make him worth knowing in our book, but he is also a published author.  His book, a young adult fantasy novel called CountrySide: Book of the Wise, became available in 2014.  One book is impressive, but wait, there’s more!  It is only book one in a series of seven.  Book two, CountrySide: Tears of Adina, will be out later this year. 

We’ve been honored to help J.T. and CountrySide this past year.  Below is a trailer we did for Book of the Wise.  (Apparently books get trailers like movies nowadays.) We have more things on the horizon with J.T., including an interview with the man himself.  Like his Facebook page (J.T. Cope IV), follow his journal and find him on Goodreads to keep up to date.  Also, buy the book, read it and review it on Amazon or Goodreads.  Then buy a copy for all your friends and family.

Oh, he also has full time job with an hour commute and 3 little girls.  And we groan about having time to write a blog post. 

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