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One of the perks at Four Thirds is meeting a lot of amazing people.  We could name drop.  Some you might recognize but most you wouldn’t.  Let me introduce you to someone you should know, if you don’t already, J.T. Cope.  J.T. is a very unassuming guy and the politest person you will ever meet.  […]

National Adorable Commercial

“Never work with children or animals” – W. C. Fields This is a popular quote in our industry, but we here at Four Thirds don’t put much stock in it.  We love working with kids and animals!  Our production photos on our Facebook page will prove it. (If you don’t like us on Facebook, you […]

Welcome, resistance is futile!

Welcome.  After many years of resisting, Four Thirds Creative now has a blog.  What should one expect from the Four Thirds Creative blog?  Well, even though we here at Four Thirds Creative are highly accomplished and recognized for our high quality video services, we also like sharing great ideas.  So, the Four Thirds Creative team […]