Four Thirds Creative is a full-service video production company based in the city that makes all other cities jealous – Fort Worth, Texas.

Big Hearts – Our approach is that of a visual storyteller. Unlike any other communication, stories engage our emotions. Whether you represent a large corporation, small business, non-profit, or something in-between, we always start at the same place: truly understanding your passion. This is your heart. From here we act as your co-author, crafting your message so it connects deeply with your audience.

Big Ideas – The ideas are big because they’re yours. You are the expert in what you need to say. We’re your backup singer, guru, personal stylist, and bedazzler mashed together. We use our talents to uniquely amplify and strengthen your message. Your ideas are one of a kind and so are our enhancing solutions. Heck, that is why we have creative in our name.

Little Egos – This is our culture. We Stop, Collaborate, and Listen. We keep ourselves in check so we can work with you as a team and hear what you have to say. We want our focus on you and your needs not our own sense of grandeur. Word to your mother.

Four Thirds Creative - Big hearts, big ideas, little egos. DFW Video Production Company

Here are some of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of serving. Drop us a line if you would like more information. We would be stoked to hear from you.

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Four Thirds Creative

A family of hipsters sitting in lawn chairs. DFW Video Production Company
The tale of Four Thirds Creative is really a love story.   A boy from El Paso and a girl from DFW attend TCU. They fall in love with each other and video production. For a decade, Michael freelances throughout the commercial and corporate realm, learning hands-on with leading directors to cultivate his own style. Karen focuses on post-production, becoming senior video editor at a large corporation and eventually doing a stint in the feature film business. Their complementary skills and experiences give them the wherewithal to unite their business lives as co-owners of Four Thirds Creative. (Cue fireworks!) A company founded on honesty, love and a kick of humor.

Today, Michael works as head of the pre-production and production department, while Karen leads the post-production side. Together, they make sure all who work at and with Four Thirds Creative are truly cared for.